Monday, February 28, 2005

Risk and Marginal Benefit-a new service plan

Today is my jet-lag recovery day. On the Doug is Goofy scale from 9 to 10, I think I'm at 9.91 this morning. Here are some thoughts about system reform from my vacation (Yes, I am that sorry.)

One concern I keep coming back to is the way the system is constructed to encourage innovation, individualism and creativity except the system of "accountability," which strongly discourages, um, innovation, individualism, creativity.

My sense is that the system as a whole is inefficient and ineffective because the mission is so expansive but the process for reward and correction is so constricting.

So I would offer these suggestions"

1. Service planning and evaluation should be specifically related in the regulations.
2, Service planning should distinguish between goals which allow for a great deal of variation in results (risk-seeking or risk neutral,) goals which should be pursued with some specificity while allowing for some defined variation in acceptable results (risk vs. reward) and goals which should be strictly defined in terms of outcome (risk averse.)
3. Service planning should include a hierarchy of benefit so that success can be usefully evaluated not in terms of box-checking but in terms of how the client experiences life and how the community experiences the client. On my vacation I was thinking about adapting Earned Value Analysis, a tool used in project management for service evaluation. I'm sure I'll write something fascinating about that next time the Doug is Goofy Scale falls back to 9.5 or so.


B2 said...

You're blogging on vacation? Must be a crappy vacation.

Doug said...

I came home from vacation and blogged. It was a great vacation, thank you for your concern.