Monday, February 07, 2005

A newish Day: Lunch

Lunch was chicken salad and chocolate cake. It was OK.

They Screened "Normal People Scare Me," a short film by Taylor Cross, a teenager with the labels of "autistic" and "high functioning." Way better than the food.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting reading of how folks talk about DD services in CA. There's one more "strategy" CA can use to ensure that federal medicaid waiver funding doesn't ultimately hurt the very people its supposed to protect and serve.

It's called the Lanterman Act. No waiver should be written, submitted, or approved without an expressed written statement therein that "waiver participants with developmental disabilities shall continue to retain full rights and protections under the Lanterman Act."

Any creation of a dual/parallel service system (self-directed or not) where the state's commitment to funding services is only as deep as the feds pockets will have disasterous impact to a person's rights.

Will advocates, family members, providers, staff, PAI, and others allow the State to push through waivers where participants must "opt-out" of their rights under Lanterman in exchange for self-direction/self-determination? Based on results, it looks like they very well might.