Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lessons from 2006

Here are some things I learned or had (re)confirmed this year.

1. DDS is so angry at my writing about self-direction that they dropped CADDIS during my vacation to make me look stupid.
2. People with a taste for real change aren't always who you think.
3. System funding is as much an emotional issue for people as it is a practical one, but chocolates and flowers would be cheaper and more helpful.
4. "Efficiency" is a word people love to say and hate to hear.
5. "Accountability" is another.
6. Connecting people is the heart of every important reform.
7. The job of helping people with disabilities to live more fully is still worth doing.
8. The job of changing our system so it helps people with disabilities live more fully is most glorious because it is so unlikely.
9. Some people think living in solitary idleness in your own home is so much better than living with friends in a segregated setting that no one would ever choose the latter even if it came with a large stipend and DSL.
10. Saving the current system and funding it better is an errand for a superior and more committed fool.