Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Hello, friends

This attempt to blog will include information, rumination, analysis and pomposity on the general topic of system reform for California's community-based system of support to people with developmental disabilities. Included will be links to useful websites on the topic, reviews of literature and proposals and proposals of proposals. I have no doubt that this will be as stimulating to everyone as it is to me. My goal will be to include an update not less than weekly.

My perspective on this topic is based on who I am and which airs I put on. I am the director of an Independent Living Skills agency. I am the uncle of a beautiful 4-year-old with disabilities. I am a reformer, may God have mercy on me.
MILLENNIUM, n. The period of a thousand years when the lid is to be screwed down, with all reformers on the under side. -Ambrose Bierce

My basic assumptions about this system are:

1. All people have the rights enumerated in our constitution including personal sovereignty which is not waived by receiving public benefits. Californians with disabilities are rightly entitled by law to support based on their personal challenges which does not interfere with their aspirations.
2. All people should expect their taxes to be handled dearly, used efficiently and to serve only ends endorsed through the constitutional process of government. Healthy systems are cost-effective and cost-effective systems are healthy, and no system without deliberate and rational accountability is healthy or cost-effective.
3. All state-funded systems ever and California's system of community-based support for people with developmental disabilities, especially, have plenty of opportunity to improve regarding the first two assumptions.

OK, so, let's see how this goes.


Sedonasmile said...

Regarding the Developmental Disabilities system. This system is failing. The victims will be the individuals with the disabilities. This system is filled with corruption and DDS refuses to do anything to stop it. Are they also involved?

Governor Swartznegger needs to know the truth. Letters regarding the problems only get forwarded to DDS, which is powerless.

This I know:

Some regional centers are engaged in corrupt and illegal acts that are denying individuals the services they deserve. They are taking bribes and kickbacks to vendor preferred providers. They blacklist providers who speak up. They give services to their friends and deny services to the other providers, directly impacting the services to the clients. Yet no one does anything.

Corrupt careproviders have been abusing the system for years. Immigrants are brought into this country to staff homes at illegal wages. Good careproviders cannot compete. Many of them are forced to cut corners just to break even, or they get jobs just to support the homes they have. Employees are now finding out how to steal from the careproviders trying to do a good job, and the Department of Labor is helping them. Regional centers demand ridiculous employee hours and consultant hours. If you miss an hour, you are expected to pay it back. But who provides funding when you are forced to pay overtime you cannot possibly afford.

This system is going to fail. Taking all the good careproviders with it. And who will suffer. The clients. Make your voice known to the Governor. Regional centers want you to think that the changing the Lanterman Act will deny clients services, when in reality it may get rid of the regional centers and make more monies available to those who need it. THE CLIENTS.

Doug said...


First of all, thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you will continue to read and comment. Obviously, I agree that the system is in trouble, that if it isn't in trouble it sure is underperforming and that a lack of accountability is a key problem. I don't know of the kickbacks you refer to, but admit I haven't seen everything yet. If you would like my assistance bringing some of these issues forward, please feel welcome to email me directly (there's a link if you click on my profile in the upper right corner of the site.)