Tuesday, June 22, 2004

California Disability Community Action Network

First things first. CDCAN is the most innovative political instrument I'm aware of. It's role is to inform and organize, through various media, all interested parties about the political life of California's services and supports to people with various disabilities. Anyone interested in the evolution of our system should be aware of this group.

Please note: The website is currently down so I've cancelled the link. People wanting more information can email Marty Omoto, Director/Organizer at martyomoto@rcip.com


Anonymous said...

You're right. CDCAN is very innovative and informative. The requests for money and promises in becoming a non-profit agency are becoming tiresome. How much money has been collected so far? Has there been any movement on becoming a non-profit. These questions need to be answered to sustain the viability of CDCAN.

Doug said...

In response to the previous comment, as many others (perhaps including yourself,) I have supported CDCAN with effort and money and will continue to do so but am not in a position to speak for the group. I don't know the answers to your questions. You may wish to contact Marty (CDCAN Director/Organizer.)

Thank you for commenting. Glad to have a reader.

Doug said...

A second comment on the first one, now that I think about it. It is my fond and expressed hope that work on non-profit status for CDCAN will begin in earnest as soon as the budget is signed. Regarding the requests for donations, when Catholic Relief Services and St. Joseph's Children's Research Hospital (I've loved Marlo Thomas since a boy) send me thank-you notes for my contributions, they always include an envelope and a request that I put something in it. My advice to CDCAN will always be that if you believe in your mission then always ask for support.