Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In praise of the monkey

I had a recollection this morning of the old system-reform workgroups. The purpose as given was to make changes to the system, in partnership between DDS and other stakeholders, for the purpose of producing more value for the people the system served. All of the conversations, however, wound up focused on making the system more expensive. Better ideas were quickly forgotten in favor of silly ones. More than once since then, I've wondered what it takes to get sincerity and mission from experienced advocates. As much as anything, that question led to my ongoing support for CDCAN.

So, with that in mind, I like the survey monkey DDS employed for ideas regarding purchase of service standards. I'm skeptical that the resulting standards will be any less foolish than much of the existing trailer bill language. Even DDS, which is trying to reduce funding, can't seem to complete a thought on reform without bloating the cost of the system. (I would credit them for paying attention during the system reform.) But at least they are getting input some of which will be candid and thoughtful. I hope DDS continues to solicit feedback broadly and do hereby award them three bananas for current efforts.

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