Friday, January 21, 2011


Marty Omoto reported today that the Department of Developmental Services will publish its process for identifying cuts. That's a good thing, although the coincident report that the new trailer bill language will be available next week suggests it won't be much of a process. I'm left wondering if DDS, which has now had two years of near certainty that further cuts were coming to think about this. I'm curious whether they will seek to reduce costs generally or in a targetted way. In other words, machete in the daytime or grapefruit spoon in the dark?


Ariel the Thief said...

"machete in the daytime or grapefruit spoon in the dark" - it is a wonderful picture. While everybody watches out for the machete, their blood is stolen with a grapefruit spoon. Pitfall!

Doug said...

The very vessel.

stanley seigler said...

Department [DDS] Will Involve Stakeholders In Helping To Develop Standards [martyO say]

beware of greeks and friends bearing gifts.

dont let 2011 be 2009 deja vu all over again...

ARC say in 2009:
This catastrophe [program cuts] wasnt't necessary.

Intentionally or not, the department [DDS] misled the 10 legislators into believing that the community "stakeholders" supported these cuts...And the legislators allowed themselves to be misled.

Assemblywoman Noreen Evans...she ignored our [ARC] repeated urgent appeals to make any cuts in the DD support system temporary...yet today [2009] she said that they were "developed by the stakeholder groups."

Senator Mark Leno had told an earlier public hearing that the amount Governor Schwarzenegger proposed to cut was too much, yet today he voted for it. He had seriously questioned the department's proposals to shift much of the decision-making power over the IPPs from the IPP teams to the regional centers, yet today he didn't say a word as the committee adopted them.

Assemblyman Robert Blumenfield, Assemblyman Kevin de Leon, Senator Denise Ducheny, and Senator Alan Lowenthal, all people we have considered our good friends, were silent -- and all voted for the cuts.

[martyO say] The proposed trailer bill language, which the Department of Developmental Services says will be “starting point” will also contain “extensive language”

Also beware of trailer bills..."the evil they do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bs." (Shakespeare?)

stanley seigler

Doug said...

Stanley, that's a lot to beware of. Good to hear ARC says the 2009 cuts weren't necessary. That's authoritative.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen how much money the Executive Directors of each California Regional Center gets? It's outrageous.