Thursday, April 01, 2010

Other closures

Much has been made of the pending closure of Lanterman Developmental Center, and it would be to our detriment to ignore the impact of the planned closure of Lanterman Regional Center. According to DDS Director, Teri Delgadillo, Lanterman is being closed and merged with Harbor and Westside regional centers to save money. As Ms. Delgadillo says in her statement, "The administration considers these three regional centers, which have already harmonized their service coordination process to the degree that client expectations have been regionalized. Furthermore, by pooling staff, the combined regional center will have the capacity to say 'no' in more than 80 languages."

"We certainly defer," Director Delgadillo continued, "to the combined 80-person board of the merged center in terms of naming the new facility and appointing management. But DDS personnel are recommending 'Richard Riordan Regional Center,' because we enjoy the sense of whimsy that alliteration brings."

Walt Disney Regional Center, which will be created from the merger of South Central and Orange Country RCs will have the capacity to say "please" and "thank you" in more than 30 languages and on legal pleadings.


stanley said...

[doug say] No takers on my April Fool post, I see.

Thanks for the “april fool” call before I proved Godwin's Law re Ms Delgadillo

I finally expanded my knowledge...clicked on godwin law...I have proved it (and yet to be stated corollaries) a zillion times.

stanley seigler

ps. house keeping: how do i add a hyperlink to a blog post.

Doug said...

Stan remember the greater than and less than sign go before and after the coding. I have to answer your question substituting brackets or it will link instead of showing up.

[a href="url.domain"]text[/a]

Is how you do it.

So [a href=""]self-referential[/a]
if you replace [ with greater than and ] with less than, comes out like so:

Doug said...

Unless you leave a letter out of your example, like an idiot.

Ariel the Thief said...

A fools' explanation under his fool's post, that is appropriate.

While reading, I was really thinking about if it was real. Could be, in the end. :-P