Monday, May 04, 2009

The people and their anointed

California's political system is a funny creature.  Our politics tangle in the radical democracy of the ballot initiatives then get caged by the radical republicanism of legislators who choose their constituents rather than the other way around.  I never feel our government truly represents the people except when I compare the results of the two law-making processes.  When I insult our legislators, it is principally over their carefully districted intransigence against common sense, voting aye on every expenditure without a thought for value and nay on every tax without a care for cost.  And yet, we seem about to vote down the proposition 1x tax increases and how often does a bond measure fail?  The two systems really are parallel. 

Somehow, the one heroic effort of the legislature- to redact representation from their duties of office- has also failed.

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