Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yammer Masala

I have been accused by private email of being a bad representative of the obsessive compulsive blogger, having taken August off. Now, the accusation is from a friend who has an employee tasked with producing a blog and still doesn't have one, but, leaving that aside, probably something needs saying and I should say something else in this space once a month. It doesn't seem too much to ask.

So, a couple of news updates: AB 1427, the subject of my most recent post on this site (conveniently linked to for those with broken scroll bars) passed out of committee and is due for a final vote this coming week. The primary function of this bill is to serve as an organizing and recruiting tool for anti-union trade associations. Ironically, my prediction is that the pro-union legislature will pass the bill and the union-surly Governor will veto it. But we'll see,

AB 18, The Warren Mattingly Signature Stamp Act, authored by Assemblymember Blakeslee survived an attack by Protection and Advocacy, Inc. and also awaits final passage, but probably has a better chance of being signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger. The many of us who remember Warren fondly wish this bill well and thank Mr. Blakeslee and his staff.

Now, regarding representation, Assemblymember Buell began a process of public hearings on the future of the Lanterman Act with a private one. At the private "roundtable" discussion, Mike McCoy, the new Executive DIrector of the California Rehabilitation Association (CRA,) described his organization as "The Statewide Organization of Providers." As one of the 8,000 plus service providers not represented by CRA, it seems worth reminding stakeholders to stay on the honest side of hyperbole when claiming to represent others. CRA has represented its membership honorably, so far as I am aware, but more providers are eager to distance themselves from that representation than are members. "A statewide organization of providers" isn't much of an edit but in front of the legislator it's best to prevent real time editing by colleagues. Especially when your arrogance is matched and your sarcasm inadequate as compared to your peers with blogs who happen to be in the room.


Anonymous said...

Why did PAI oppose the signature stamp bill? That sounds odd. Did you know that CRA's membership has declined over the years? They now represent 113 providers, according to their website. taht is less than 2% of all providers...

Doug said...

Anonymous, PAI's concerns were explained to me but I kind of didn't get it. I think it might have been an example of the perfect being the enemy of the good, which is kind of our classic approach.

I actually didn't know that about CRA. If SEIU gets its old ambition back, that trend should reverse. The number of members cited stayed the same when people I knew were joining, so they probably have a credit due, if not of 8000. Just to be even-handed, I imagine the CRA share of POS is much higher than 2%.

Doug said...

Oh, and thanks for your comment.