Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Oracle of Santa Clarita

To a lonely desert village, just outside of L.A.
Came a wanderer searching for meaning.
There was said to be an Oracle, far less rare today,
And two dogs to interpret the gleaning.

For the legend was written from sidebar to scaffold
That, without even charging a fee,
The magus was kind to the bitter and baffled
And a master of lexicography.

The journey was long and the way hard to follow
And mystery shrouded the labors.
For the pathway was bent like the flight of a swallow
And the house, it looked just like it's neighbors.

But the seeker, at last, discovered the master
Sitting sagely beneath a broken tree
"Tell me, Oh wise one, for my life's a disaster,
What does it mean to live free?"

The oracle nodded his head, wise and kind
and spoke in a voice soft and hoarse
"That is a verb, intransitive, and defined
'To elect your slaveholder', of course."

And then the wise man rose with a flourish
And, turning his wise and kind head,
Pointed to the seeker and addressed the chorus
"If you don't mind, please explain what I said."

LIVE FREE, v.i. To elect one's slaveholder.
ORACLE, n. A prophetic lichen.
SEEKER, n. A rolling moss.


Anonymous said...

Dear Doug,
I enjoyed your website immensely. You are a true intellectual and a good soul. I just wanted to let you know I appreciated your thoughtful comments on the Economist website. I will not be posting there anymore, however, as they have been editing and suppressing my comments. Apparently, they are not as libertarian as they would like to believe, and nobody likes to be censored. Please be well, my friend. May your dreams be fulfilled and may your enemies be eternally frustrated.


Doug said...

h, thanks. I've enjoyed the conversation with you over at the Economists site and I'm sorry to hear they've been editing you. I wish you well as well.

If you are interested, I do have a site I write to once per week on politics and you would be welcome there. I might edit away profanity or anything very personal but haven't in more than year. If you'd like to join us the site is here. Feel free to write if you have any questions. My email is dpascover at mac dot com.