Monday, February 05, 2007

Newish Day, Day 1 in the Garden

I feel pretty good about my prediction for this month. Report from today: Imagine 5400 fingernails on blackboards. The problem with a Regional Center-organized conference is that conferences, by nature, tend to built on the assumption that the speaker's have the authority of pioneers and regional centers, by nature, tend to use pioneer era thinking. I've spent the last six hours, with the exception of Kim Belshé's presentation of the Governor's health plan, being encouraged to boldly imagine the world I live in already and be fearful for nothing. I don't drink, but I wish I did and may yet tonight.


SquareGirl said...

gosh doug, you make it all sound so enlightening and spiritual and sorry I couldn't make it.

Doug said...

Square, you'd have loved it. There was much to mock. Several of us who were there regretted your absence.