Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My (advocacy) New Year Resolutions

Resolved, in 2006 I will:

1. Not lift one finger if the only motivation is to save the (present) system;

2. Be open-minded and constructively engaged in any system-reform proposals.

3. Continue to study, implement and support the development of more efficient and client-centered service delivery;

4. Be even crankier than last year except toward clients and ¡Arriba! employees. I want to break the record.

5. Assist CDCAN in the development of it's statewide network.

6. By the end of the year not be an officer of any board or committee, except the Pomona Valleys Foundation.

7. Kick an innocent child. Insult someone important. (By January 31)


logo said...

Oh, I need to check this one more often.
I am going to join you in at least one of your resolutions.
I want to kick children too, and the insult, does it have to be to their face, or does just free floating ill will suffice?

Doug said...

Logo, this one is pretty boring unless you know someone with disabilities in California and even then it's pretty boring.

I think free floating ill-will is good practice for lookin' 'em square in the eyes and calling them foul.

Andy said...

Nine months have past, and how are we doing with our resolutions?

Doug said...

AndyP? I think I'm 5 for 7 so far.