Thursday, May 30, 2013


The typical non-profit board is composed of wealthy people, connected people and interested people. In California's DD system, I wonder how many people working at similar agencies sit on boards.  Granted, there's a conflict of interest inherent in the idea and it might be a terrible idea and all but here is a way this would help: Few trustees/directors of non-profit agencies serving individuals within the regional center system have a good idea how to do what the agency is meant to do.

That could be leaving gaps in how well boards hear and understand the budgets and proposals that come before them.  On the other hand, I might just be grouchy while I wait to hear about my budget.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Episode IV: A New Beginning

Hello, friends;

A project that I am working on with a good friend, colleague and fellow villain/service provider will rely on skills that I've allowed to lapse or never learned and one of those is writing for the web.  So I've decided to revive this here blog.

A few things have changed since last I posted here, thick-haired and hopeful.  I no longer run a small agency but am a mid-level manager at a larger one.  For that reason, I feel a duty to be a little more careful and a little less breezy about causing offense.  Some of the alleged "stridency" that was a feature here will be intentionally curtailed.  But I think there are still thoughts, big ideas and revolutionary manifestos to discuss as well as sarcasm to levy.

I hope my companions of yore will come back and join me.  Anybody still out there?  Or are you all wasting your lives on social networks instead of living richly on blogger?