Friday, March 19, 2010

Because a new post is sorely needed

I apologize to the few but loyal readers that not much has come to mind to write about here. There's big news about Lanterman Developmental Center, of course, a topic on which I don't feel qualified to opine about.

But, in the post below, Godwin's Law seems to have reproven itself and the phrase "dead white male philosophers" has also appeared and I feel ready to propose my own Doug's First Law of Internet Discourse: To wit, no subject is so arcane that common platitudes won't dominate the discussion once the topic has been exhausted.

So, lacking anything else to mind, I'll open the thread to you all with three questions:
First, if anyone out there has interacted with the Delatorre audit, I'd be interested in hearing about the tone and rigor of the inquiry. Can anyone tell how well-informed the study has been or whether it appears vindictive or exploratory?

Second, if self-determination/directed-services is no longer an available option for streamlining and improving the system, what would you all suggest as a conceptual frame for intentional systemic reform?

Third, an anonymous guest suggested something I absolutely agree with (and have agreed with in previous posts,) that more funding won't fix a broken system. Anonymous suggests Stanley's answer to the question, but I am curious for two sentence answers: Do you all think the system is primarily underfunded or primarily broken?

Some etiquette: Let's start by answering one of the three questions (as opposed to two, all or none) per comment, begin by identifying which question you are answering and, if at all possible, consider the poor blogger who feels compelled to read all the comments and try to begin with two- or three-sentence replies.

I'll try to come up with a new post before anyone begins comparing department directors to war criminals.